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Company Background

Founded in 1973 Fluid Dynamics is one of the UK and Ireland's most experienced water treatment product companies.
With clients ranging from Thames Water to Pirelli, Carlsberg to the US Navy, Fluid Dynamics prides itself on being able to supply solutions to most water treatment problems.Markets served include Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, the USA and Canada - Fluid Dynamics has agents in more than 40 countries.
Fluid Dynamics specialises in providing unique technologies that provide environmental solutions.

Fluid Dynamics aims to provide a customer with a solution and build a long term relationship not just to sell a product.

Fluid Dynamics solutions include: (for further information on any of these just click on the category title)Scaling caused by hardwater: Products that stop scaling caused by hard water without the use of chemicals.
Disinfection and sterilisation: Fluid Dynamics has a wide range of sterilisation products that can kill bacteria and make water safe to drink or for use in process systems. Town water supplies or the home.

Guaranteed green technology for hard water scale prevention.

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